PR is the art of combining creativity and business approach to deliver the perfect story

For me, Public Relations means aiming as high and far as possible with the media coverage for the company. I work with my clients in close partnership and cooperation, creativity, professionalism and responsibility.

CTECH: Passing on Open Code, Israel Missed on Elastic, CEO Says

In October, Israeli-linked IT and data analytics company Elastic floated on NYSE, attaining a market capitalization of around $2.5 billion

GLOBES Isaeli autotech co Aurora Labs raises $8.4m

Aurora Labs has developed a predictive maintenance solution for future-proof automotive software.

Times of Israel: Palo Alto Networks buys Israeli cybersecurity firm Secdo

Palo Alto Networks Inc., a maker of cyber security firewalls, said Tuesday it has entered an agreement to buy Israel-based cyber security firm Secdo.

GLOBES: Toronto Stock Exchange targets Israeli high-tech cos

The TSX has appointed Yossi Boker to lead business development in Israel. He and TSX chief client officer Shaun McIver tell "Globes" about the advantages of the TSX.

HAARETZ: Breakthrough Device Helps MRI Take Better Snapshot of Stressed Heart

MRI is the best way to scan the heart when trouble is suspected, but you can't move in the machine. With Naomi Chesler's stepper, the device sees your heart at work

The Jerusalem Post Magazine: Going the distance: contact vs motivation

It would be best to recognize the limits to contact and perhaps find ways to motivate individuals to work toward the mutual interest of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Times of Israel: An artist finds the sacred and profane in one local landscape

Fulbright scholar Abraham Storer explores the land for inspiration