Academy and Science

BY DAVID SHAMAH February 18, 2016

Innovative research being done in Israel demonstrates, on film, how short-term bursts of brain activity are prompted by stimulants

Ruth Schuster Feb 16 2016
MRI is the best way to scan the heart when trouble is suspected, but you can't move in the machine. With Naomi Chesler's stepper, the device sees your heart at work.

Andrew Pilecki, Phillip L. Hammack

It would be best to recognize the limits to contact and perhaps find ways to motivate individuals to work toward the mutual interest of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Richard Robinson

 DAVID SHAMAH, January 10, 2016

Cornell University professor Richard Robinson says Jewish State is ‘ahead of the curve’ when it comes to nanotechnology

By ELI COOK 07/01/2015

Earlier this month, Bank of Israel Chair Karnit Flug warned that Israel’s economic future was in grave danger due to one singular problem – productivity.

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