Art of public relations

The Art of public relations

PR is the art of combining creativity and business approach to deliver the perfect story

I believe that every company, product, idea or person can have a media story.

I examine, explore, change and create each and every story to promote my clients, out of a deep understanding of the client business, the media and its limitations.

For me, Public Relations means aiming as high and far as possible with the media coverage, in correlation with the client's media strategy, the nature of the company and its spokespeople.

I work with a variety of journalists from different areas of coverage, maintain contact with them on a day to day basis, and further expand the circle of journalists I am in contact with, according to my clients’ needs.

I believe in long-term work relations based on trust and openness with my clients and with the media. The goal of my work is my clients’ satisfaction and our mutual growth.