Public Relations Services

Since the beginning of the year 2000, I have been managing PR activities of all sorts of companies in a variety of sizes and in different industries: Hi-Tech & Technology, Academy and Science, Society & Community, Consumerism and Life-Style.

The public relations activities are customized to the requirements and needs of each and every client, their marketing strategy, goals, target audience and area of business.

Content of a PR Package:

Strategic Positioning

Identifying and formulating the client goals, media messages and target audience. Developing a media exposure strategy plan and creating a media Identity that reflects the client's WW/local goals and its marketing targets. Personal and direct responsibility of the strategic plan implementation process.

Media Consultation

Planning PR exposure strategy aimed at the company’s target audience. Consultation regarding action items for maximizing media exposure in the Israeli media. Scheduling media publications, determining the appropriate content and messages for publicity as well as the appropriate channels for exposure within the media industry. Preparation for telephone interviews, face to face interviews, and television and radio interviews.

Public Relations and Spokesmanship

Managing the media activity management vis-à-vis various media channels – daily press, professional journals, local press, television, radio and on-line media according to the client’s positioning. Conveying the client’s media messages and relevant information to the various media entities. Initiating and coordinating introductory meetings with journalists, interviews and articles relevant to the client’s industry. Writing and distributing press releases, publishing articles, media support in conferences, as well as press conferences and crises management.

Media Relations

Managing day to day relationship with journalists from different filed of  coverage, including: economy, high tech and venture capital, education, community and society law, healthcare, marketing, consumer, real estate.

Contacting journalists that cover the company on a regular basis as well as establishing connections with additional journalists who are relevant to the client’s media exposure.