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BY DAVID SHAMAH September 11, 2015

Deal between ironSource and Supersonic yields a firm that employs over 800 people and reaches over a billion people a month

Inbal Orpaz Sep 11, 2015

The new company's valuation might top $1.2 billion as it looks forward to more M&A.

10/09/2015,  Roy Goldenberg

Both app discovery companies are Israeli and the merged firm will have $450 million revenue in 2015.

BY DAVID SHAMAH March 8, 2015

pmMisplacing keys, wallets, and even pets is now a thing of the past, thanks to Pixies

By Amitai Ziv  Mar. 3, 2015 

This company was born to bridge the e-world, where you can find anything, and the real world, where you can't find a thing, from wallet to keys to that cat hiding in plain sight.

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