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BY AVI ISSACHAROFF January 14, 2014

International jihad network behind 95% of world’s suicide bombings in 2013, Institute for National Security Studies says

Samaritan menuscript. Photo by Michigan State University

By Ofer Aderet May 25, 2012

A pioneering digitizing project led by American experts will now enable members of the community – numbering just 750 – to glance at their past.

Israeli and Palestinian students 521 Photo: Vadim Mikhailov


UCLA sociology professor Walter R. Allen says affirmative action programs in the United States are a model Israel.

Eric Amster

Eric Amster MAY 24, 2012

Last week was the perfect day for the annual Haifa Race. While Mogas Tasma and Maria Elias where the first to cross the finish line, the real winners of the day were the residents of Haifa

By Tamar Rotem Oct. 19, 2011

Evenings for religious women, including a meal, entertainment and especially blessings, are becoming increasingly popular in various circles. Not surprisingly, some rabbis object.

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